Escape room in Barcelona

Chicken Banana created a new live escape game ideal for 3-30 people. Besides solving puzzles and mysteries you may encounter unexpected surprises during the one hour of game time. You may need not only to form a team but to think with your friends' mind in order to complete the mission. Being locked in a room with hidden dangers may bring the best or worst out of you but whatever it may be, you will surely need it to complete the mission on time. Who knows, you may discover an unknown side of yourself, or of your teammates.


"I think it is a perfect way to spend time with a group of friends and try to use your brain at the same time." Balazs (Lisbon, Portugal)


"Absolutely brilliant fun and worth every penny. " TravellingSingleMum (New Forest National Park, United Kingdom)


"The hosts are young and cool and their service is warm and professional." Dalma B


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You are working for the mob. Your mission is to recover the evidences on Felix Manchunga, the Barcelona mafia kingpin: the photos taken by a private detective. Do whatever is necessary to complete the mission but do not forget who you are working for...
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You are in the asylum of Barcelona. Its director, Dr. Steinberg makes illegal electroshock experiments on patients. In the course of time have been disappearing patients and staff... You are patients of the asylum. Will you be able to escape in time?
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The fearful Regime is watching ever closer. The Leader has never been stronger and people disappear every day. Why are they gone? What did they do? But most importantly, can you do something to stop this? Would you wait to be the next one?? It's time to take action now!

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Can children play in Chicken Banana?
However, room escape games are designed for adults, our Mafia room can be attended and enjoyed by everyone older than 12 years, accompanied by an adult. Because of the special features included, the Psychiatry and Prison rooms has a minimum age of 16.

What is the maximum team size?
All of our rooms has a maximum capacity of 6 players per game. If you are more than 6 please book two or more rooms and play simultaneously. Let's have a competition!

Can +1 people come?
If you already made the booking and there are more peolple to come, there is no problem! There is no need to contact us: you can come more than booked up to 6 people per team. The difference can be payed on site by cash or credit card.